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I’m Gabi
a branding obsessed yogi who makes Instagram and content marketing easy for yoga teachers.

yoga marketing made easy how to design your logo

I’m an Instagram nerd, self-education expert, always learning yoga teacher, recovering perfectionist, small town boy mama, essential oil mixologist, cheap wine connoisseur and closet chocoholic. I’m more than just a yoga teacher and I have a sneaky feeling you are too!

Embracing what makes YOU AMAZING will help you go from stranger danger to let’s share a virtual smoothie bowl.

I want to help you embrace your inner amazingness so that you can reach and connect with more potential students and share the power of yoga!

Wanna hear a story? Mines a good one.

Wanna work

If you’re ready to take out the guesswork and want to learn online marketing skills with strategy and soul, I’ve been brand building for 12 years, taught yoga for 3 years and have helped many yoga teachers increase their visibility online with easy actionable frameworks in my online marketing approach. (Think of me as your personal cheerleader, teacher and soundboard for how you’re presenting yourself to your audience).

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