yoga reel ideas for yoga teachers
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10 Yoga Reel Ideas For Yoga Teachers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You’ve seen Reels, right? You know they’re there but you just don’t know where to start?

Brainstorming original Yoga Reel ideas can be tricky, especially if you’re not a natural when it comes to content creation and planning.

To spark some inspiration, I’ve got 10 Yoga Reel ideas you can use for your yoga brand right now, this very moment!

Here’s why you should be doing Yoga Reels

If you haven’t tried Reels yet, you could be missing out on a chance for your yoga brand or business.

Reels are a great way to engage with your Instagram community and reach more potential students. In fact, they’re a real growth opportunity right now.

It’s the only space on Instagram where the reach is totally organic in other words there are no ads influencing what you see, you only see what is of interest to you based on what you like already on the gram.

So if you have a good idea of who your ideal student is, then the sky’s the limit with how many potential yoga students you can reach because of the magical content you can create.

All this being said, Instagram had said that they will prioritize Reels made within the app versus Reels made using a third-party app like Tik Tok so now is the time to come up with some original content for this feature – and that’s why I’m sharing 10 fresh content ideas in this blog post!

Even if you’re just trying Reels out, it’s important to have some good content ideas and a clear goal in mind— whether that’s reaching more students, building your email list, or showcasing your yoga offerings to more people.

Yoga Reel Idea #1: Be Authentic

What I’ve realized is that people love to feel like they’re part of a community, and the best way to do that is to make your followers feel like friends.

So think about what you talk to your friends about? The good, the bad, and the ugly. If it’s’ in alignment with your brand, then share a Reel about it. I love how @yogagirl created this simple yet effective Reel not specifically yoga-related but in line with her brand.

You can have a lotta fun here, think Instagram Vs Reality videos of your dream meal prep vs what you land up prepping (everyone is curious about what a yogi eats) or even a time-lapse of your home practice.

If you don’t typically share this type of content on your Instagram, this could be one way to start!

Yoga Reel Idea #2: Go Behind the Scenes

Pull back the velvet rope and allow your followers back-stage and behind the scenes of your life.

Your followers are curious about what it’s like to practice with you — take the time to share this with them.

Check out how plant-based recipe guru, @earthyandy, shares a simple Reel of her family life, it’s nothing gimmicky but it’s enough to feel like you’re a friend.

So, the next time you’re at a photoshoot, packing your yoga bag, or messing around the house take out your phone and start filming!

Yoga Reel Idea #3: Introduce Yourself 

When you’re in a creative rut, create a Reel introducing yourself or your yoga brand. You’re constantly connecting with new people so why not give this a try?

There are a few ways you can do this. Edit previous video clips together, use text to tell your story, or even talk directly to the camera.

Yoga Reel Idea #4: Before and After

People love before and after videos because they increase engagement. Not only are they intriguing, but they can also be satisfying to watch — it’s like the child’s pose after your headstand.

Before and after Reels are a great opportunity to show your followers how your students feel before they start their practice to how they feel after.

Yoga Reel Idea #5: Tips and Tricks

If you’re new, this is a good launchpad because you have valuable information that can help your students!

Whether it’s sharing how you take time out during a busy day at the office or a hack for your meal prep, the creative options are endless.

Your tips and tricks don’t have to be elaborate either. Try sharing one quick tip and have a Call to Action by asking your followers what they want to see next?

I love how @jshealth created a Reel with her legs up the wall in her office. So simple and effective because it also gives her audience something to do at home too!

Yoga Reel Idea #6: Sneak Peek

Oooooo I love these ones because they give a sneak peek into what you’re working on which sparks curiosity and anticipation. @teganbyoga does this in her stories and her Reels and it works like a charm.

Sometimes a Reel without the transitions, jumps, and stickers can be just as effective.

Yoga Reel Idea #7: How-to Videos

These are so effective because these bite-sized pieces of content give your followers a quick result. Try posture tutorials like “How to strike the perfect pose”, “How to pack for your first yoga class”, or even “How to talk to your plants so that they grow” (hey what can I say, you can get super creative here!).

Even though you have a short time limit of 15 – 30 seconds there are a lot of creative ways you can maximize the time! Check out how this Reel from @essentiallyobsessed it so quickly and easily.

Yoga Reel Idea #8: List of your favorite things

Reels don’t always have to specifically be about your yoga brand or yoga. When you’re out of ideas, turn to your interests for example do a roundup of your favorite podcasts or top hiking spots.

You can sort this out easily, by clipping together pictures of your fave places, or screenshots of podcast episodes, use text, and talk them through with a quick and easy voiceover.

Yoga Reel Idea #9: A Day in your Life

My first ever Reel was a day in the life of a yogi/mama/entrepreneur. It was awesome because I had the footage and it was actually a lot of fun.

Similar to a behind-the-scenes Reel, but instead of focusing on the behind-the-scenes of what you do, you’re taking your audience through a daily ritual. You can even segment it up into a morning or evening routine.

Yoga Reel Idea #10: FAQs

If you’re really in a bind, look to your Instagram comments, DMs, and FAQs for inspiration. What common questions are you being asked? Take these questions and answer them in a quick 15 to 30-second Reel.

Keep a log of the questions you get asked so you can turn to them for future inspiration. You can also encourage your audience to ask you questions by using the question stickers in your stories.


Okay, there you have it fellow Grammers. I hope these ideas got your creative juices flowing! It’s all about trial and error, even Reels that look super impressive had to start somewhere. If you want some more information check out my Instagram Content Calendar for Yoga Teachers with some quirky Reel ideas to get you started.

Just play around and go have some fun.

7 day Instagram Yoga content Calendar

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