3 Reasons why yoga teachers need a yoga brand
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3 Reasons why Yoga Teachers need a Yoga Brand

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Nowadays it’s pretty easy to become a yoga teacher, we see yogis taking their passion and launching themselves into teachers and even yoga business owners. Of course, you’re also ready to make some money and so suddenly you become walking, talking billboard all about yoga. While it’s great to be passionate about yoga, it’s not enough for us as yoga teachers to only be talking about this.

This is where portraying yourself holistically, as a yoga brand adds so much more value to you and your potential students.

3 requirements for a true yoga brand

Here’s the thing, a yoga teacher is someone who teaches yoga and you market your classes or services. Now a yoga brand on the other hand is: the image and personality you apply to your services, classes and offers. Think about it: why do brands hire celebrities as spokes people? Because they KNOW that they can’t just sell a product and see results, they have to give the product or service an image, a personality.

They do this to build trust and create connection. If your Instagram feed is only yoga classes, workshops and retreats, you’re likely pushing away anyone that isn’t CURRENTLY interested in these services.

When we think “brand” we immediately think of the visual stuff: logos, colors, fonts, and websites, but when you dig really deep into what a brand truly is, it’s more about the vision, the voice, the personality behind what your offer is.


How many of you can tell me that you’re going to be doing the same exact thing a year from now or even five years from now? Building a yoga brand allows you to evolve (think of how yoga teachers and studios had to pivot overnight when the world went into lock-down). How else could a yoga teacher from Johannesburg teach marketing courses, do 1:1 business coaching, write a blog, teach yoga and take care of two small humans? It’s easy, because my audience cares about ME and not just what I’m selling.

When I first started out as a yoga teacher, I wanted to work at every studio and fill up my yoga classes. I spoke to studio owners and I bent my brand to fit their needs… when I started to realize I only needed to be a Yoga Teacher for students that I enjoyed teaching (like moms) on a subject that I was passionate about (accessible fun yoga classes), everything changed. I knew that if I was only marketing to moms who do yoga, I’d only be speaking to a very small group of people. I needed to reach their friends, past students, future students and beyond and the best way to do that is through a true yoga brand.


Your brand can make a bigger impact because it has a pulse and persona behind it. When you have a mission or a vision, it’s easier to share it because your brand voice resonates with people and creates a deeper meaning to behind your work.

If you have a personality and a voice and a true beating heart to your yoga brand, not only will you leave a lasting impression but you will invite people to be a part of that journey. When you have a yoga brand, you have the ability to serve people in a meaningful way that grows your cause even more.


When a true yoga brand is built, you can sell without being “salesy.” Why? Because the content you are sharing and serving with 80% of the time gives you the right and opportunity to sell due to the fact that you’re speaking to the right students without alienating those who are not currently ready to practice with you yet.

If you’re a yoga teacher, you’re marketing every single day by word of mouth and social media posts that will only translate for those who are ready to do yoga, but if you’re a yoga brand you’re building a relationship through serving every day so that when the time comes to SELL, your students are eager to practice with YOU!

Far too many yoga teachers don’t intentionally create a yoga brand, but hopefully you can see the power in true branding beyond just the visual. When you connect a strong visual presence with a clear voice, a soul, and a true recognizable personality, you will truly have the ability to transform lives and see bigger results!

3 reasons why yoga teachers need a yoga brand[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]