Yoga Content Calendar
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3 ways to create a yoga content calendar (and stick to it)

Ok, you’ve heard people talking about having a content calendar. You know that planning helps keep you on track, but you cant seem to hack a yoga content calendar quite yet.

That’s why I’m sharing the secrets behind my content creation process and ill give you steps as to how you can create a yoga content calendar that you can actually stick to. We all know it’s all about the content, so let’s get you started on some routines that will have you creating content you love, in no time!

What is a Content Calendar?

A content calendar is a tool that helps you create an online publishing schedule. It’s an overview of all of your upcoming social media, blogs and emailers. When you have a yoga content calendar, it helps you create and stick to deadlines, and streamline the entire content process.

What’s in a Content Calendar?

Okay, before you go gung ho and start filling up your yoga content calendar, there are a few things you need to consider.

1. Prioritise your presence

We know the benefits of being on all different platforms, but the truth is as a solo Yoga Teacher, energy flows where your energy goes. So if your energy is all over the place then reel it in and focus. When I started out I only had my blog and email list, and slowly as my processes are smoothing out has it allowed for me to increase my social media presence as well.

2. Consistency is key

Ask yourself where can you be consistent. If you can only commit to posts on Instagram 3x a week then that’s where you must start. There’s no point in creating for creation sake, you need to be intentional about your posts and how they will support your business goals. Focus on the mediums you love the most, take your skills sets and use them to share content with the world. When you are consistent you build trust with your audience, and where there is trust there is sales! So start small and work your way up.

3. Connect connect connect

Think about where your potential students are. There is no point creating content for Twitter if they’re hanging out on Instagram. Be intentional about where you’re outing out your content, because if you cannot connect with them then you will miss the key to creating great content.

How to create a yoga content calendar

1. Batch all your content together

Do you ever feel like your brain has a million tabs open? Yup, it’s because you’re not focusing on one task from start to finish. Here’s the thing, you’re going to be so much more successful if you’re doing one type of task at a time. Batching is one of the best things you could do for your yoga business. Batching is when you focus on creating the same pieces of content in one go as opposed to doing it in drips and drabs. What would it look like if you blocked off a chunk of time and were able to go really deep into creating specific content for one platform? How many blog posts could you write in a couple hours if you didn’t have the stress of hitting publish that day, and the distractions of a million tabs open, emails popping in and social media notifications?

2. Look at your month ahead

Mark off any celebratory days, and any special yoga offerings or events you have coming up. Your intention to make sure that your content supports your business goals.

3. Decide on your publishing days

My content publishing schedule looks like this. I release a blog every Monday, send out an email every Wednesday and post to Instagram 5x a week (Within Instagram I have a whole different schedule going on). This is something manageable for me, and that’s why I stick to it. You have to have your own discipline and treat showing up for your audience and subscribers like you would for your students on the mat – dedicated.

Ok there you have it lovelies, content creation, planning and posting can be overwhelming if you don’t have a plan. The only way to stick to it is with discipline and considering your limitations. Be realistic and treat your calendar like real meetings to show up for. Think of this as a roadmap that’ll lead you away from the stress and scrambling, towards organisation and freedom!