3 ways to stop the scroll with your yoga content
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3 ways to “stop the scroll” with your yoga content

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]One of the things I get asked a lot is “How can I make my content look better so people stop to read it?” When you only have 3 seconds to make an impression on your potential students, we hope for it to be at “Love and first glance.” The good news is that no one likes to see perfectly crafted Instagram Feed hopscotch these days, but if you want to level up your design using an app like Canva makes it easy to create content that looks pro.

Graphics come in all shapes, sizes and colors and there’s definitely a place for them in our yoga-gram. Canva is like having your own personal graphic designer in your pocket. What I love about it, is that you can create templates specific to your yoga brand and apply your brand colors so your content is aligned. If you’re stuck or design-challenged, templates can become your NBF.

The thing is while there are a couple of ways you can design great yoga content, none of it matters if you are not putting intention behind it. I know you might be thinking that content creation is just too much to take on in your yoga business right now, but I can promise you that it’s so valuable if you’re doing it right.

There’s no point in putting all your time and energy into something if you can’t guarantee that your potential students even want to read it. When you create yoga content with intention, with purpose, and that means something to your potential students, they are more likely to read, watch or listen to what you post.

Here’s what I do when I create content my content


While not everyone will find value in what you create, I’d like to think the people who follow me want to read the things I post about. I know this because I know my audience. Their likes and dislikes, their struggles and aspirations and how I can serve them with solutions.

Here’s the thing, even if my design is a 4, 5 or 6 out of 10 it’s okay, because if the content is helping them with their struggle, it makes it a must-read or must-watch piece. By knowing who my ideal student is, I know what works and what doesn’t.

Instagram has made getting to know our audience really easy. It’s so helpful when diving into what your potential students like, so use it!

If you have an Instagram business profile (and I encourage you to) use your insights to see:

  • What content gets the most engagement for you?
  • What gets the least?
  • Which is actively delivering results for you?
  • Poll your audience on Instagram so they can tell you what they want and ask them to DM you

By understanding what works for me encourages me to do it more because when you’re creating something that people love, it has much more meaning.

You need to trust that YOU are the person who knows your stuff on a level your potential students don’t. You’re the expert in your field, so create content that supports that.


The way you present your content to your potential students is easily and often missed.

It’s important to pay attention to detail with how you lay out your caption. When your potential students are reading your content, you gotta guide them to the information they are looking for quickly. When you make it easy to understand and read, your content will most likely be successful.

In Instagram you can leave spaces between the lines without using a third party app like Later, which helps your audience scan. I also like to get emoji-onal (see what I did there) when it comes to breaking down the captions, making it easier on the eyes.

Remember your potential students want to read your content to get some value from it. Keep it fun, easy to read and make sure that the educational piece is at the core.


Having a set of brand colors and fonts keeps my yoga brand in alignment no matter where my students interact with me. From my website to my Instagram feed, using consistent colors help the most simple design impact in a big way. Check out my free branding guide to see how you can choose your own. Remember, consistency is key, because it makes you more memorable.

3 requirements for a true yoga brand

Oh and just so you know, my first Canva designs were hardly oil paintings BUT I learned what works for me through trial and error. So here’s a gentle reminder to be where you are, and believe that you can get to where you want to be with practice.

So there you have it. All you need to do to create “stop the scroll” content is have an intention behind it, know what’s working for you and get creative. If you want to learn more about how you can spice up your yoga content click here.

3 ways to stop the scroll with your yoga content[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]