3 ways yoga teachers can serve with snackable content
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3 ways Yoga Teachers can serve with snackable content

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Do you remember what it was like to ever get a photograph developed? Taking the film to your local camera store and itching for the next few hours to see how the photos came out? That feeling of not being able to wait was riddled with excitement, anticipation and even nerves.

I think it’s safe to say, now those moments are few and far between. At the click of a button, we can get fully cooked meals, bags of groceries and even garden furniture delivered to our front door. We live in the ‘age of instant’, where dictionaries are obsolete and Google is a verb.

While this makes life easier to a degree, a recent study found that the average human now has a shorter attention span than a goldfish! WHAT!

So what does this have to do with yoga teachers creating content for their existing and potential students?

Your ideal students want results yesterday (okay who doesn’t) and while we know the journey of yoga is one of patience, presence and perseverance, the content you create for them can give them that instant gratification fix they long for. It means that to serve them in other ways, you need to serve snackable yoga content.

What is snackable yoga content?

Snackable content is content or information that is “quick” and easily digestible. Your ideal students won’t have to dedicate minutes to reading or watching it which makes it ideal for creating visual content for your social media channels.

Here are 3 snappy ways Yoga Teachers can connect with students on Instagram:

1. Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories are different than posting on your Instagram feed. The content on Instagram Stories disappears after 24 hours (unless you add it to your highlights). Stories are great because you can be more authentic and share different facets yoga and of your personality while engaging with your students.

I love Instagram stories for different types of yoga content, but mostly because they are a fantastic engagement tool (when you use elements like the poll and question stickers). Each segment is 15 seconds long, so the limited time keeps it bite-size and easy to digest.

Your Instagram will do so much more for you when you Instagram with Intention, ultimately have a goal in mind for your story. Try using a call-to-action like a “Link in Bio”, “Tap to read the post” or “DM me” sticker to signal to your audience that they need to take action and engage.

As a yoga teacher, your content will thrive on stories when you actually tell a story and show up consistently. To do this, work with at least 3 segments, a beginning, middle and end and be sure to include a CTA in your last segment so your students engage with your post.

2. Instagram Reels 

Reels is Instagram’s version of Tik Tok, 15 or 30 second long videos with extra cool features. Reels are great because they offer so much organic reach and are fun! So often we can get caught up in the seriousness of yoga and incorporating Reels into your Yoga-gram allows your students and potential students to see the lighter side. Not to mention that the time constraints make it easy to watch and absorb.

Just like stories, your Reels will work for you when you have a clear CTA at the end so your viewer know exactly what they need to do next.

Here are some Call-to-action ideas:

  • Follow me for more yoga tips
  • Check the link in my bio for my class schedule
  • Visit my website for more yoga tutorials

Once again, use Instagram with intention. For your students to take in the information, it’s important to get their attention in the first 3 seconds (that’s why understanding your ideal student is so helpful)

3 requirements to have a true brand

New to Reels for Yoga Teachers, I got you:

  • “How to” pose, meditation or breath work tutorials
  • If you feel ________ (anxious, out of control, low self esteem etc…) try this breathing exercise or pose
  • Lifestyle tips to deal with _______ (loss or bereavement, anxiety, low self esteem, making a tough decision etc…)
  • “Behind the scenes” of what to pack for your first yoga class

I love how Russel Brand infuses these themes into his Reels, check it out here.

3. Video

Think of your own behavior, would you rather read a lengthy blog post (p.s thanks for reading the awesome blog post) or watch a video about the topic? In many cases, video is the winning format for most students because it’s easy to take in.

The trick is that you got to capture your students attention in the first 3 seconds, which means your success lies in how you condense information. The goal here is to create digestible snippets of content that are long enough to maintain their attention but short enough to leave them wanting more.

Here’s how you can include bite-size video into your Instagram mix:

  • Include video in your Instagram feed. You can include a piece of video that is up to 1 minute long.
  • Share your Reels into your Instagram feed.
  • Try IGTV and Instagram Live and invite your ideal students to take part in a mini posture clinic, class or meditation that leaves them wanting more!


That is it, Lovely! A few simple things to incorporate into your Instagram game, without heaps of stress so that your students can get familiar with your yoga brand, your teaching style and most importantly YOU!

With a handful of little tweaks, you’ll be on your way to creating snackable yoga content in no time. If you want some more tips, check out @thecontentyogi on Instagram.

3 ways yoga teachers can serve with snackable content[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]