yoga teacher website essentials
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3 yoga website essentials that will make you shine online!


3 yoga website essentials to help you shine online

Do you ever wonder what your yoga website does (or doesn’t do) to attract your ideal students? Perhaps, you’re even trying to get more yoga students to your classes without a yoga website at all?

Your yoga website should be the cornerstone of your yoga business, because:

  • If Google can’t find you, you’re pretty much invisible
  • You look more professional
  • You build a deeper relationship with your students (blogging and sharing your message)
  • It grows your email list (great to capture student data for future online yoga offerings)

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If you’re starting from scratch or making some tweaks to your yoga website, here is everything you need to make your website shine online!

1. Set your design drishti

Do your homework on your ideal student and think of 3 words you want them to feel when they arrive at your homepage?

  • Step 1: Choose colors that compliment these feelings.
  • Step 2: Use Pinterest to inspire and create a cohesive color scheme.
  • Step 3:  Include pictures of YOU (Especially on the homepage)

Your design plays a huge role in letting your student know exactly what kind of yoga teacher you are. Even more important than that, a professional photo shoot is a worthwhile investment, because at the end of the day you’re promoting yourself, not a stock photo of the perfect Standing Splits.

2. Make a homely homepage

You have 3 seconds to capture your ideal student’s attention! Remember, they are coming to your site for a reason, perhaps they are trying to solve a problem or fulfill a personal need. Whatever it is make sure your homepage addresses that, it must be about your yoga students, not about you (save that for your about page)

You can do this in 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Condense what you do into one long header

“Hi I’m Cathy and I teach busy moms how to find time in their day for yoga”.

  • Step 2: Create and display an opt in freebie that converts your website visitors into email subscribers

Hold on. What’s an opt in freebie? (Sorry, some of this can sound a bit like a different language). It’s a piece of content (e.g., an audio meditation, or a 5 day video detox series) that you offer in exchange for their email address.

What’s the point? To build your email list of course.

  • Step 3: Emphasize an offering

You need to simply navigate your students on your homepage and direct them to where you want them to go, just like teaching a class! So, make it easy! Include at least one offering (goal is to eventually have up to 3). Perhaps you’re offering a workshop, a teacher training or even a retreat!

  • Step 4: Testimonials

Word of mouth is vital in building the know, like and trust factor with your students, it builds your credibility! Include a picture of someone with a quote, or just include text – whatever you decide make it stand out.

If you’re just starting out, perhaps ask someone you have taught for free or a fellow teacher trainee.

3. Content, content, content

Create fresh content every week, so you can optimize your website with SEO.

Um, what’s SEO?

This is how you show up in Google search engines. If you create weekly content, you have a better chance of becoming a search result than if you leave your website and only focus on social media.

How do you do this? Choose a content platform:

  1. Blog: If writing is your thing, check out Gabby Bernstein’s weekly blog to see how she shows up for her audience
  2. Video: If video is your thing, check out The Journey Junkie to see how Allie turns her videos into blog posts.
  3. Podcast: If podcasting is your thing, check out Yoga Girl to see how the Podcasts are embedded in the website

No matter what you decide, you’ll find all roads come back to your website and blog, so my suggestion is Blog on!

Never underestimate the power of an awesome yoga website! If you need a hand with your site, check out my FREE yoga teacher’s website checklist

Go shine online!

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