reasons why you should nurture a yoga niche
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5 reasons why you should nurture a yoga niche

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today, more and more people find joy in teaching yoga and it’s becoming more normal be a yoga teacher full-time. As the online yoga industry continues to boom and new teachers continue to get certified, you may be wondering how you can reach more students and stand out online?

The answer is in finding a cosy yoga niche.

To understand your yoga niche, you must:

  1. Have a clear idea of who you are?
  2. What you are passionate about?
  3. What kind of yoga teacher you want to be?

But yoga is for everyone why do I need a yoga niche?

Here are 5 Reasons why you should nurture a yoga niche:

1. Your voice resonates with more people

While we endeavor to serve everyone with the awesomeness that is yoga, the reality is that when you are talking to everyone, you are actually talking to no-one (sad but true). When you spread one message across the masses, your message becomes diluted.

When you become more intentional, so does your message. Think about ordering your favorite sushi dish. Would you prefer to eat this from a Japanese restaurant or a a local supermarket?

When you operate from a place of clarity, your words will resonate with those that need to hear it.

2. You can reach more students

Meeting students on the mat means meeting them where they are in their yoga journey. In many cases, people are all in different phases of yoga and want different things from a class. As a teacher, you cant be everything for everyone, and this means it’s not always possible to serve the way you wish you could.

When you home in on one group of people who are experiencing similar challenges and share similar goals, helping them becomes easier. When you show value like this, you become an expert in your field which makes it easier for other students, experiencing the same problems, to find you!

3. It’s easier to help your students achieve their goals

Students have different levels of experience as well as different ages, genders, and backgrounds. So, while it’s great to take an inclusive approach to your teaching, creating a unique offering to meet the needs of a specific type of student can be highly beneficial.

4. You stand out online

When you have a yoga niche, you lessen your competition significantly. By refocusing your attention onto a smaller part of the “online teaching” pie, these potential students see you as a thought leader in this field.

By moving away from a general yoga offering that resonates with fewer people, to a specifically carved out offering that speaks to many, moves you to their front of mind online.

5. You will feel more fulfilled

When you teach like this, you will be in flow. When you explore your interests to find your yoga niche, you honor yourself through svadhyaya and everything starts to align. You will be able to teach what you love and you will be more fulfilled teaching from a place of passion.

How do I figure out my yoga niche?

Start by focusing on one of the areas you learnt about in your training, such as becoming anatomically focused or perhaps more spiritually and philosophically focused – this focus comes from what you are most passionate about teaching.

Once you know what you are passionate about, get even more specific with demographics, styles of yoga, combinations of yoga and many more.

Ask yourself

  • What age or gender do you enjoy teaching?
  • What style of yoga do you teach?
  • Consider combinations such as Mom & Baby Yoga or Yoga for cyclists
  • What aspect of the practice do you want to include (meditation, pranayama)
  • Is there a group of people you want to help? Such as athletes or gym bunnies?
  • Do you enjoy a therapeutic approach? Yoga for back pain or Yoga for depression
  • What location could you combine with yoga? Park Yoga or Beach Yoga

Check out how Gal on The Go blends her experience as a radio DJ with yoga skills offering yoga to artists in the music industry and energetic flows for crowds at festivals and events!

There really is a yoga teacher for everyone and when you build a yoga community around something that you are passionate about, you can serve with effortless effort.

Ready to find your yoga niche? Click here to start building your dream yoga community.

reasons why you should nurture a yoga niche[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]