5 ways to blossom as a yoga teacher in forever changing times
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5 ways to blossom as a Yoga Teacher in forever changing times


“It is not the strongest or the smartest one who will survive, but the one most responsive to change.”

When I think about the past year, there has never been a truer word spoken. As Yoga Teachers, we are continually challenged as to adapt our teaching models and it’s quite remarkable how we’ve all shown up.

How we navigate and respond in tough times, determines if we are going to thrive or not.

In this post, I’m sharing simple and actionable ways to stay inspired to take action during what remains unpredictable times. I’m sharing what has helped me rise above this veil of fog and explore new opportunities.

 1. Raise your vibration

It seems too obvious to even mention, but meditation and creating an opportunity to connect to a sense of peace, has a huge effect on mental health. Sometimes it’s easy to lose connection and get caught up in our thoughts. Making space for 5 minutes a day of pranayama or stillness will have a significant impact on your day and your mind. Doing this consistently feeds inspiration and will remind you of your own inner strength.

In addition to this, being intentional about who and what you surround yourself with can make or break your vibe. That includes what you consume digitally. I love to use Instagram with intention and follow and engage with people that inspire me like Gabby Bernstein and make me smile like Ellen DeGeneres.  By doing this, you’ll shift into a hopeful and motivated space and unlock a drive to be productive and take action!

2. Show up and serve

As we continuously strive to thrive in this new normal, asking yourself what ways you can be of service to others may require a bit of out the box thinking. Your yoga students are searching for answers and connection and it’s your job as a Yoga Teacher in your community to create an accessible connection for them.

How can you do that in your yoga business?

  • Show up more than ever on online (blog, vlog and social media)
  • Create content that truly helps your students through situations
  • Get creative with your class formats to match your student’s needs

3. Expand your digital yoga offerings

Are you feeling Zoomed out? There is no better time than now to investigate other online yoga offerings you could create to be of more service to your community.

If you’re feeling inspired to shine as a Yoga Teacher online, I’ve got some digital product ideas that could be just what you’re looking for to take your yoga offerings to the next level.

Here are 6 ideas of what you can do next:

  • Create an online course
  • Do 1-1 coaching
  • Create a group coaching program
  • Create an online Facebook community or Membership
  • Sell yoga products online
  • Create digital products like an audio series or e-book

There are so many opportunities, and while selling may feel awkward at the beginning, your yoga community needs to be held and supported through whatever else you can offer them.

4. Prioritize your yoga business

Have you been meaning to update your website or be more consistent with your Instagram posts? There is never going to be a good time. NOW is the time to prioritize your business and remedy the things you’ve been putting off.

Here are some ideas of what may be niggling at your yoga business:

  • Upgrade your website.
  • Improve your branding.
  • Organize or create your systems.
  • Create business goals.
  • Work on your copy writing.
  • Collect testimonials.
  • Establish strategies to grow your social media presence.

 5. Learn something new

It can be very cozy staying in the same place, but to really thrive we constantly need to challenge ourselves and show up each and every time.

There is no better time to learn new things and develop new skills. Perhaps there’s an online course you’re itching to do or maybe you haven’t felt the need to invest in your business yet?

Why not use your time to learn things that can grow you and your business?

Ask yourself, what are growth areas for you in your business? Are there any new skills want to develop?

“The best time to start was yesterday, the next best time to start is now!”

The worst thing we can do is to stay stuck in negativity and anxiety by not taking any action.

There is an abundance of opportunities and solutions out there, we have to open up to seeing them and taking action.

There you go, a few simple things to incorporate into your life and yoga business. With a handful of little tweaks, you’ll be on your way to feeling more inspired to serve yourself and your community.

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