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6 Features yoga teachers should use to boost their Instagram yoga profile


6 Features Yoga Teachers should use to boost their Instagram yoga profile

We all have a love hate relationship with Instagram, especially when promoting yoga classes, workshops, courses, or retreats. While Instagram is a very busy place with over 600 million users, and working on your Instagram yoga profile, stories and other things can be daunting, there’s a good chance your students already use this platform. That means, there’s a great chance you can build the like, know and trust factor with them outside of the studio.

For yoga teachers to really get seen on Instagram, it’s important to use the social media platform in its’ entirety. That means you need to understand how all Instagram features work so that you can optimize it for your yoga business.

When you embrace all these features, you increase your Instagram yoga reach!

Instagram is divided into 5 parts

1. Instagram Feed:

This is where you post your incredible photos! Why? Your feed is the first thing people see when searching your you. Your Instagram yoga profile and what you post on there is permanent and very powerful. Think of what your students want to read and how you want them to feel after seeing your feed? Inspired? Educated? Relieved? Empowered?

Other cool things you can do on your Instagram feed

  • Videos up to 1 minute long
  • Carousel photos (the swipe to see more photos)

A lot of people put thought into their profile layout and design, this helps to achieve a consistent look and feel. Be sure to include your brand colors and call to actions on each post e.g. “check the link in my bio” or “double tap here”. But, more importantly, be consistent and regular with your posting schedule (this helps you work with the algorithm).

 2. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are fun and easy! They are valuable to yoga teachers because stories stay on your profile for only 24 hrs (unless you add it to your highlight which stays on profile as long as you want) because it allows your students to see you as more than just a yoga teacher. Going behind the scenes, sharing your love for other brands or more about yourself, allows them to see you as a person. When they see you as a person, you deepen their connection with you.

Check out how effective story highlights can be. Mathieu Boldron’s Story highlights give you a feel of what he offers and what his students say. His actual profile is a combination of strength, lightheartedness, and inspiration which is conveyed through his Instagram posts.

 3. IG TV:

An awesome feature for yoga teachers! Your own Insta channel where you can share all videos up to 1 hr long (in the beginning you can only share 15 minute videos until your following grows). This is great because it also goes into your Insta feed and your students can get a taster of what your Instagram yoga video is all about.

It’s great for

  • Tutorials
  • Meditations
  • Educating your students on different aspects yoga (8 limbs of yoga, cooking shows etc…)

Check out @yogabeyond IG TV channel for inspiring ideas. Honza and Claudine Lafond’s Instagram features a type of yoga that they created and trademarked: AcroVinyasa. The profile  is filled with meditations, pictures of their family, and reflective captions.

 4. Instagram Live:

IG Live is in the moment and is awesome because you will get pushed to the front of the queue of stories waiting to be watched. It only lasts 24 hours, which creates an immediacy to watch whatever it is that you are sharing. Plus you can share this to IGTV and download the video to re-purpose the content. It’s a goodie for yoga teachers looking to offer prospective students a taste of what they can offer them… a short class or meditation is just enough to entice them to want more!

5. Instagram Reels:

Unlike IG Live, Reels stay up forever (they have their own tab and you can post them to your feed). It’s a fairly new feature where you can record 15 second videos (and upload other videos from other apps). It’s another way to grow your organic reach, and because it’s the latest from Instagram, try it out because it’ll drive more people to your yoga profile.

I hear you asking me, do yoga teachers really need to do Reels? Yes! It’s a fun way to show the light side of yoga and your personality. Re-introduce yourself to your followers, do a before and after yoga video or offer tips and tricks. Get creative and have fun!

Faith Hunter or @spirituallyfly on Instagram does Reels right! Her practice is heavily influenced by kundalini yoga, vinyasa, and meditation.

6. Instagram Live Rooms

Last week Instagram launched their latest feature, Live Rooms, doubling up on IG Live for up to 4 people to take part. This opens more creative opportunities for yoga teachers, especially in supporting other small businesses! There is so much potential — start a talk show with your favorite yoga brands, with other leaders in your community, host more engaging Q&As or even tutorials with your ideal students. Remember, Instagram wants you to embrace the new features and this will serve you in expanding your reach with their algorithm.

Remember, life is more than a like or a follow. If you are not enjoying yourself then what’s the point? Check out my FREE 1 week social media calendar if you’re in need of some creative inspiration to help you rock the Insta algorithm.

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