6 Instagram Live Hacks for Introverted yoga teachers
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6 Instagram Live Hacks for introverted Yoga Teachers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Does the thought of an Instagram Live make you *gulp*? I get it, as an introvert myself, it can be very intimidating. You might even be wondering why this is relevant to your students when you already post on your Feed and Stories. Instagram Live can be a powerful way to connect even more with your audience in real time and answer questions, thoughts and comments they may have.

It also goes back to the idea of working smart and not working hard. I remember when I was new to going on camera how nervous I was of an Instagram Live so I avoided it like the plague. The problem was that I started creating a double workload by recording trainings, editing and posting. I also felt like I wasn’t serving my audience the best way I could and that was the moment everything changed.

What I love about going Live is that it is a place where I can add deeper value and connection with my potential students. It gives great insight into their struggles and aspirations which makes creating content and tailoring my offers so much easier.

Instagram loves it when people go Live and have made it easier to do than taking a Savasna. But no matter how easy it is to do, it won’t be worth anything if your nerves or mindset hold you back.

I got you! I got 6 hacks that will make this process easy and shift your mindset into gear.

1. Write it Down and Rehearse

A lot of Yoga teachers hop onto Instagram Live with a short class or guided meditation which is a great way to stay in your comfort zone. Another great way to connect with your students is by talking about interesting aspects of yoga or even ways to help your potential students through your yoga offerings. When you have a “talk session” you open up space for real connection in real time with questions and comments popping up as you speak.

It’s easy to get distracted if you go this route, so having a script will help you stay on course and make sure you achieve your goal (and by this, I mean every piece of content you create should be a breadcrumb leading your potential students to something that adds further value to your business, like signing up for your email list or a Freebie, booking a class or even sending a direct message).

Handy Tip: Prop your phone against your lap top screen and read your script from a word document. This will keep you time conscious and on track so your viewers can digest it and take action.

Mantra: Every step I take leads me towards my goals.

2. Set your Intention

Being clear on the goal or intention of your Live is important for a number of reasons. It let’s your audience know what they can expect from the video, it will help you stay on course and avoid rambling about things that are not relevant. This is also great for your confidence because it takes the pressure off having to remember everything or you want to say.

Follow this basic format:

  • Brief Introduction
  • Get to the 3 – 5 main points
  • Closing
  • Leave with a CTA

Handy Tip: You can upload to IGTV straight away or you can download and re-edit if you choose. As an introverted person, having a solid structure gives me clarity on what to do next and is empowering!

Mantra: I am goal orientated and prepared for anything


3. It’s like a friendly chat

If you decide to do a talk on one of your areas of expertise, imagine you are having a cuppa with your internet friends. No need for the perfect hair or make up, just go as you are. This has been especially helpful to me, because initially I thought you needed to have the perfect lighting and acoustics to have an effective Live, when truthfully it’s more about creating deeper connections with the audience you’ve got and not with your wardrobe (Pajama pants for the win!).

Handy Tip: To make it casual, warm and informative include some advice or even a funny story of something that happened to you.

Mantra: I have valuable topics to discuss with my internet friends

4. Write your script like you talk

Repeat after me, there is no shame in reading a word for word script. When your heart is beating out of your chest and you are wishing you were done before you start,keep it simple and write your script like you talk.

Handy Tip: Give your script a dress rehearsal to make sure it feels authentic and conversational.

Mantra: I am amazing and I am doing this one step at a time.


5. Have a Great Opener

I am guilty of starting my Live’s with “Hey just popping in to say…” and I am going to encourage you not do it. If you want your potential students to watch you instead of Bridgerton you gotta have a better opener than that!

Kick off with a relatable story, a head scratching question or even a stat that will get them curious and encourage them to engage. Your choice of words has the power to shift you away from the fear you feel inside to a place of strength and assertiveness.

Handy Tip: When you start strong you give yourself permission to take up space.

Mantra: I have an important message to share

6. Be clear on your CTA

The way you close is vital! You need to tell your potential students who have stayed with you throughout the session “what to do next”. Do you want to direct them to a freebie or blog post that goes with the topic you spoke about? Or do you have a workshop or retreat that dives deeper into what you shared? You could keep it super simple and ask them to comment on your latest post. No matter what your CTA is, just be mindful that it’s your job to let them know what to do next if they want to learn more or interact further.

Handy Tip: If you get stuck with a CTA ask your audience to send you a Direct Message. It’s great for engagement and the algorithm, and it helps you move them away from the noise to a place where you can take the connection further.

Sooo, there you have it my budding Instagram Live Host, are you ready to go for it and start engaging with your potential students in a real and effective way? I know it can be daunting to start, but we need to move through this discomfort to grow. You know what they say

“the only way out is through”

If you’re feeling stuck on ideas for an Instagram Live, check out my FREE Insta-Content Calendar here and you’ll be juuuuuuuuuust fine.

the seven day insta content calendar for yoga teachers

6 Instagram Live Hacks for Introverted yoga teachers[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]