Personality Into Your Instagram
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4 Foolproof Steps to Add More Personality Into Your Instagram

A lot of us struggle to show our personalities on Instagram. Let’s face it, it’s a social network filled with perfect feed posts and videos, it feels hard to be, well “authentic”. So even though we know the value of this platform and understand we need to be on it, we are constantly faced with the question “How do I add MY personality into Instagram?”

Here’s the thing, it’s easy to see things working for other accounts and it whether it’s a conscious or unconscious behavior, it places self-doubt into what you’re already doing. I wanna help stop that self-doubt in its tracks so you can do YOU and let your personality shine! Here are 5 steps that you can take to make sure you stay in your lane and show up as yourself on Instagram.

Step 1: Get comfortable

When it comes to following other accounts on Instagram and trying to do other things they are doing while feeling uncomfortable is a sign to re-assess. Sidenote, you DO need to try new things and get comfortable with showing your face, but you DO NOT need to copy the way in which other people are doing that. For example, if it doesn’t resonate with you to point and dance on Reels, then you don’t have to!

Step 2: Write captions that sound like you

Your captions are a chance for you to share your voice. You can do this through storytelling and your own personal experiences because they are unique in their own right. Scrollers love a good story, especially transformation stories where a client got great results. Most importantly make sure your caption sounds like you (not a formal Wikipedia article). Speak like you’re speaking to a friend and even read it out loud when you’re done.

Tip: Go out of your way to engage with other feeds, leaving relevant comments that will help people to see the person behind the yoga teacher. Other scrollers will be more likely to engage with you if they feel like they are talking to a real human being.

Step 3: The photos you share

Gone are the days when Instagram required professionally posed photos! A new era of raw, real, and a little rough around edges has dawned and is allowing for you to show up as you are. Of course, there’s always room for editing (hello and thank you Lightroom and presets) but let go of the pressure of having the perfect backdrop for that Standing Bow. Don’t be shy to share a little behind the scenes, humans are voyeuristic creatures so give the people what they want!

Step 4: Add in video

If you haven’t been adding video into your feed, now is the time to start. This is the quickest way to put the like, know and trust wheels in motion and it doesn’t require a lot from you. The easiest way to start is with IG Stories and working your way through to IG Video, IG Live, and of course Reels.

Some ideas that work so well:

  • Behind the scenes of your daily life
  • What you pack in your yoga bag
  • How you prep your meals for the month
  • What your morning routine looks like
  • Tips and mini trainings related to your yoga niche.

Ultimately, you need to let go of any misconceptions that you can treat Instagram like a look-book for your studio or yourself. Yes, this is a visual platform and a great place to get yourself out there – but the majority of Instagram scrollers can feel marketing from a mile away so adding a dash of you and your personality into your Instagram feed is all that it takes to make your account more relatable.



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Personality Into Your Instagram