The real reasons yoga teachers need carousel posts for Instagram
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The Real Reasons Yoga Teachers Need Carousel Posts for Instagram

Becoming a thought leader in your community is a BIG deal for any Yoga Teacher. There are heaps of Yoga Teachers out there, that have become the go-to’s in their industry and there’s no reason why that can’t be you (yes I’m talking to you!). Instagram may be a visual platform, but it is also a great source of resources for your audience because they are looking for solutions that you can help them with, especially when creating carousel posts for Instagram.

Carousel posts for Instagram are not new, but they are something that Yoga Teachers don’t use enough. You can share up to 10 photos, static images, and even videos to engage scroller and with around 600 million active users, it’s a necessity. Here’s why you need to include Carousel Posts in your content mix:

Why Yoga Teachers Should Use Carousel Posts

  • Carousels interrupt the scrolling pattern, instead of swiping up vertically, you force a scroller to swipe left horizontally.
  • Carousels are a form of organic content on Instagram. It brings more comments to the post and also helps in improving the engagement rate on each post.

What Makes A Great Carousel?

  1. The Hook: Have a visual hook like “How to” or “Stop making this mistake” and be sure to make your font big and bold.
  2. Cohesive branding is key! For the scroller to engage with this content, your front page can’t be overloaded with copy and images, because they’ll just click away. Keep your branding in alignment with your personal brand and any other communication touchpoints you have like your website. Using an easy graphic design tool like Canva, will make the carousel creation process much easier!
  3. On the inside, keep it quick and deliver the value. Again, steer away from overloading the words and spread out your message. When you have too much text, they will either not read it, or will just click away.
  4. The final slide needs to have a Call to action. Don’t just let them leave and ask them what you want them to do. “Save this post and try it out” “Click the link in my bio”. This is arguably the most important slide, so make sure you ask them to take action.

Follow These 4 Steps To Create A Good Carousel

Step 1: Choose a Topic

Here’s where that little inspiration folder comes in handy on Instagram. Use that to inspire ideas or use and type in your niche. This will generate hundreds of topic ideas.

Step 2: Check Your Content

Check your facts and statistics with reputable websites. Depending on what you’re posting about and your yoga niche, your referral websites will be different, but for general yoga queries, these are some of my favortites.

Step 3: Create Your Post

Canva is the tool I use to create my carousels. There are carousel templates that are done for you, type in the search bar “carousel” and apply your color palette. If you haven’t got a color palette, download my FREE Brand guide to help you get started.

Step 4: Schedule Your Post

I use Later to schedule my posts so that my captions and hashtags are ready to go, but other creators also recommend Facebook Creator studio.

Pro tip: If you can, do a manual post so that you can engage with your audience before and after to boost your post engagement.

I hope you see that Carousel Posts for Instagram are a format that will serve you as you grow on your journey to becoming a thought leader in your field of expertise. Your Yoga business needs a content that will establish you as a thought leader and it’s a helpful way to kick off a relationship with your audience and begin building the trust needed for them to buy from you eventually!



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The real reasons yoga teachers need carousel posts for Instagram