Why the content you create matters for your yoga brand
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Why The Content You Create Matters For Your Yoga Brand

Now I know what you’re thinking. You might be a yogi, but still feel like content for your yoga brand is something that only big companies with huge followings can afford to do – which would make sense considering how many hours they put into writing it and posting on social media every day! But trust me when I tell you I’ve seen first-hand just how impactful these posts really are at attracting more followers for both established brands who need new fans fast (like yours truly) AND talented yogipreneurs trying to attract more students.

Here are 5 reasons why content creation should be at the top of your to-do list

1. It’s Important For Attracting New Students

People no longer buy yoga classes or memberships because of an ad they see online. Instead, they consider many different options and do their research before making such a commitment. When you truly understand your yoga brand and who your ideal student is (the type of people you want to teach), your content will engage these potential students and provide them with the information they need to make their decision. If you feel like a small fish in a big pond, your content will be your best asset for helping your audience determine if you’re the right teacher for them.

2. Content Can Be Recycled

Unlike Facebook ads, your content is forever. When you are creating content for your main platform, and add that content to your website, it will live there long after you publish it. The benefit of having one strong pillar post like that is to ensure that your content doesn’t live and die in 3 days (like it does with 1 Instagram post). The best part is, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel every time you post or publish, just give that blog or YouTube video a facelift, re-post, and voila you’re done.

3. Google Cares About Valuable Content

When you are creating solid content that is optimized for SEO (Search engine optimization) Google will always put the most relevant content first. SEO continues to work in the background of your blog, youtube channel, or podcast even when you think it doesn’t. The better the quality content you produce, the easier it is for potential students to discover your yoga brand. If you’re not sure whether you’re creating good quality content then ask yourself “Does my content serve my ideal student where they’re at right now?” When you write for your audience first, you’ll undoubtedly be adding value.

4. Content Helps You Understand Your Students Better

Have you ever posted to Instagram and instead of masses of engagement heard crickets instead? That right there is content at work. Knowing what your audience responds to and doesn’t informs your ability to do better next time. Whether you’re using Instagram Insights or Google Analytics, you can use your content to test out certain ideas like yoga offerings, before you actually go ahead and create them.

5. Content Makes You more Credible

When you create good content it helps build trust with your audience. But we can only create engaging content when we have trust in ourselves. It’s for this reason that having a yoga brand is key to your success online. Your yoga brand will give you the direction and confidence to create with purpose and show up as an expert in your field of yoga. When you consistently create valuable content, your audience learns what makes you special and starts to trust you enough to buy from you.

There you have it lovely yogi, creating content matters for your yoga brand and your yoga business in more ways than just creating an Instagram feed that is easy on the eyes. Your content will help determine what makes you special and that is what will help you shine online.




Why the content you create matters for your yoga brand