1-1 Marketing Consult?


You have the ability to stand out online with yoga. Showing up and marketing yourself online can seem overwhelming, I know. Especially when the way it currently looks for you is ANYTHING but easy.

If you’re being honest, it downright SUCKS. 

You spend hours & hours everyday spending time and energy wondering what to post, creating content that gets you nowhere and selling your services only to hear crickets. _

•             You do a ton of posting, but you’re simply NOT seeing the results. 

•             You’ve tried EVERYTHING, like Googling, YouTube videos, Podcasts and even content calendars, but you still feel really stuck.

The thing is…it doesn’t have to be this way, my lovely yogi.

You can have a marketing strategy and teach yoga, and have gluten/dairy-free CAKE, and eat it too. I know because this is what I do, all day, every day. While my planning and systems do my marketing for me.

This is precisely what I’ve helped many yoga teachers overcome already.

So let’s talk about how I can help YOU too. The 1-1 Marketing Consult was designed to help yoga teachers achieve

> clarity in their marketing strategy in 60 minutes through

> investigative questions and your goals. A 1-1 Marketing Consult is the

> result of 2 years of working with yoga teachers and seeing the

> specific needs that arise when dealing with where to start with social

> media, websites, online communities, and building email lists.

This 1-1 Marketing consult will provide clarity in those areas in the most supportive, efficient way possible.

In this session:

I’ll help you refine the one true aspect of your marketing that will ensure your success going forward.

Provide you with a clear online roadmap.

Give you action steps to move forward with confidence.

The 1-1 Coaching is valued at $97, your investment is only $47!

Total Value $97

Your price: $47

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