create an opt in yoga freebie that'll grow your email list
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How to create an opt-in yoga freebie that’ll grow your email list

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I have two guilty pleasures.

The first one is Britney Spears. The second is that I love a good freebie. For real.

For so long I didn’t understand the value of email marketing (especially as a Yoga Teacher). And now it is becoming one of my fave things.

There are heaps of reasons why email marketing is one of my favorite marketing strategies for yoga teachers and the reason I love it the most is simple – Connection.

It’s a 1-1 space away from the noise of social media and it gives me a place to connect with my people. What I appreciate the most is that being invited into someone’s inbox is something I take seriously because these days, one’s inbox (away from the noise of social media) is a quiet sacred space.

Think of it like this, Instagram is the handshake. Email is where the magic happens.

So, if I may ask, have you got a list?

If you don’t I am going to share with you one of the best ways to grow your yoga email list with a lil somethin’ called an Opt-in Freebie.




Creating an enticing yoga freebie is the key to shifting your ideal students from Instagram onto your email list. Think of it as a value exchange, you’re adding value and helping them with a problem and in return you’re getting access to their inbox!

So what is a Yoga Freebie?

It is a freebie is a *free* piece of content that you’re giving out in return for someone signing up for your email list.

(At some point in your life I’m sure you’ve signed up for one).

The key is unlocking the freebie formula that keeps your ideal students engaged and ready for more.

Here’s how to do it WELL…


To add value to a student, you need to provide a solution to a problem they are experiencing. For this to happen, you need to really understand who your ideal student is.

Ask yourself:

  • What are my students struggling with?
  • What do I get asked a lot?
  • How can I use my knowledge to help them?

Once you have a good idea, hone in on one area that matches up to your expertise. Ask yourself “Which one of these am I most comfortable and capable answering?”


Your Freebie should always do 3 things:

  • Simplify a process.
  • Save time.
  • Add value.

I love creating Freebies that are bring joy and solutions to my students. It’s so important to think about the end result because all your efforts will be in futile if your students don’t know what they will learn from it.

Your students will appreciate and care that they now have a resource, like an audio sleep meditation that helps them manage their insomnia or a manageable morning routine before the rush of the day begins.

They’re going to care about the end result.

To make your Freebie appealing, encourage sign-ups by leading with the end result first for example “Refresh yourself with 7 days of easy morning and nighttime routines”.


Freebies come in so many forms!

  • Template
  • E-book
  • Email course
  • Mini online Course
  • Workbook
  • Worksheets
  • Video tutorial
  • PDF guides
  • Checklist
  • Cheats sheets
  • Free online consultations

Now that you have a clear idea of what to include in your yoga freebie, you need to choose a format to present your information that will make the most sense to your ideal students.

Your main goal is to make sure that the Yoga Freebie content complements the Freebie format.

Let’s say your ideal student is a hair stylist.

  • Problem: Hairstylists stand and use their arms ALL day. They may experience pain or stiffness in their neck, shoulders, and back. They speak to people throughout the day and feel exhausted when they come home.
  • Solution: Exercises and stretches to warm up the shoulder muscles and breath-work to enhance blood circulation and calm nervous system.
  • Opt-in Freebie ideas:
  • Free Cheat Sheet – Simple shoulder stretches for Hair Stylists
  • Free Audio – A guided 5 minute bedtime breathing routine to quiet the mind from the noise of the salon


You can be very creative, most importantly concentrate on always providing value. Your yoga freebie will be successful if it encourages, simplifies, teaches, or brings joy and most importantly gives your ideal student a quick win. Ultimately, showing them that their decision to hand over their email address was a good one.

These are the strategies you need to build an irresistible freebie and they work. The key thing to remember is to promote for an end result, provide heaps of value, and you help your ideal student with a problem. If you do that, they’re going to be encouraged to keep learning from you.

Now, go build that list!


create an opt in yoga freebie that'll grow your email list[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]