Why I have followers and no students
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Why you have followers on Instagram and no yoga students

Are you constantly posting to Instagram but getting no sales? Allow me to bust a myth, more content doesn’t mean more sales. You might be getting more followers, likes, comments – heck you might even have gone viral! So, the question is, why is no one buying your yoga offers? When this happens (and trust me it happens all the time) this either leaves you feeling like a total failure or leaves you creating more and more content (full disclosure, that was me!).

Here’s the thing, vanity metrics (follows, likes, shares and saves) don’t matter if no one wants to practice with you, I mean that’s why you’re on Instagram in the first place, right? Thinking you need to post everyday to be successful and get sales is what holds most yoga teachers back, and if I’m being honest… wastes your time too.

When I started my journey on Instagram, I went all in with a consistent posting schedule and I posted at the exact same time every day (6am to be exact!) 5 days a week! I got loads of comments, lots of likes and I carried on because it was seemingly working. The problem was my DM’s were like crickets. I was getting no inquiries, no interest, nadas!

It took me a while to realise it wasn’t about growing my account, I needed to change my strategy. Spoiler alert, I just posted more! What’s the definition of insanity again? This left me feeling burnt out, feeling like I sucked a lot and still no one asking to work with me.

I had to take a few steps back to go forward and that’s why I’m sharing the 3 C’s with you, because these basic communication guidelines changed everything. The 3 C’s are my go to steps for ensuring that you are not creating for creations sake and that you have a clear and cohesive personal brand message.

1. Consistency

Finding a new strategy where I could be consistent without burning out was the most important thing, and it should be for you too. Consistency provides an opportunity to build the like, know and trust factor, and trust makes sales happen! The trick here was doing things that were effective and easy… like Instagram Stories (say good-bye Canva perfectionist). Tweak the type of content you’re creating to be more valuable to your audience, content that speak to their struggles and biggest desires! Your messaging on Instagram is a lot like a first date, if all you do is talk about yourself, do not expect a second date.

2. Clarity.

When you keep changing your areas of focus it leaves your audience feeling confused. To stop this, ensure what you’re posting about is concise, powerful and clear. Focus on one thing that you do well and own it!! In other words, time to niche down! If you can’t clearly define and communicate what you do as a Yoga Teacher, you will lose potential students because a confused mind always says NO! Make it easy for them to say yes with a clear Instagram bio and brand message.

A clear message looks like this:

  • What do you do?
  • What differentiates you from other yoga teachers?
  • What is your value in what you offer?
  • What issues does it solve for your students and how can you solve it?

3. Character

Step away from the expert pedestal and humanise yourself! Keep it real! Interact with your followers, listen to them, talk with them (Instagram is not a one-way conversation), help them… They are real people after all. Connect with your followers and give them authenticity, use storytelling to bring yourself to life so that your followers can see what transformations are possible for them too! Most importantly, don’t copy, just do you! While being honest and authentic may not get you millions of students, it will get you the RIGHT ones!

Once I tweaked these 3 things, it changed everything! I hope it can serve you in the same way.