How to Infuse your yoga brand into your Instagram
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3 Ways To Infuse Your Yoga Brand Into Your Instagram Profile

Okay, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. If you want to build trust with your audience on Instagram, a personal yoga brand is the best place to start! If you want to stand out from other yoga teachers on Instagram, getting clear on yourself and who you serve is going to help you. Now I know, you may be thinking that you’ve got a logo and you’ve done the work, and while that’s a great start I’m breaking down how you can go deeper so that you can convert followers into students.

What Does It Mean To Have a Yoga Brand on Instagram?

Here’s the thing, branding isn’t just about logos, fonts, and design (click here to learn more). It is the personality and passion behind your business. When you have a mission or a vision, it’s easier to share it because your yoga brand resonates with your ideal students and creates a deeper meaning behind your work.

Your Brand Message

Building a brand on Instagram starts with your “brand message”. Think of your brand message as what you stand for and what people will know you for. This is who you are, what you do, and who you do it for. Write it down and be specific so that you attract the right kind of audience. For example, it’s not enough to say “I’m a Yoga Teacher”, being specific and niching down to say “I help women over the age of 35 live a less anxious life through restorative yoga and mindfulness techniques.

When you do this and the content on your feed components this message, your visitors will know whether they’re in the right place or not. This is a way to attract more of your dream students who will potentially buy from you and stop attracting random followers who wouldn’t.

Your Brand Voice

Having a clear brand voice will keep the tone of your content alignment no matter where people find you, namely your website or opt-in-freebie. Ask yourself what is one word you want people to use when they think about you as a yoga teacher? Think of words like:

  • Powerful
  • No stress
  • Relaxing
  • Motivational
  • Expert
  • Friendly

You get the idea right? In every post you make, you’ll infuse this kind of messaging through your captions, pictures, videos, and brand colors. Yup, even your colors have an impact on your brand voice! If you want to see how that works, click here.

In your messaging make sure you:

Show that it’s powerful.

Show that it’s relaxing.

Show that it’s not stressful.

Show that it’s inspiring.

If you are building your personal brand, stay true to YOUR personality. The best way to do this is to share content topics that are of interest to you and your audience. For example, for a yoga teacher who specializes in pregnancy yoga, the content topics could be yoga, fertility superfoods and motherhood.

Your Grid

I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble here but having the perfect feed is not enough these days. Your feed is how people find you, so it needs to represent your yoga brand on Instagram while adding value to your scroller’s life by creating educational, entertain, and niche-specific content. Here’s how you can infuse your visual branding into your feed.

  • Use brighter pictures. Brighter pictures get more likes and engagement than poorly lit photos.
  • Use your brand color(s) in your profile picture, your story highlights, quotes, objects, props, and clothes.
  • Use the same fonts if you are going to share quotes.

Oh and don’t forget about your stories too!

  • Use the same color(s) all the time
  • Use the same Instagram Story filter(s)
  • Use the same font or font combinations

As for the value side, never ever post without asking yourself – does this serve my audience? If the answer is yes, then post away, if the answer is no go back to the drawing board and try again.

There you go lovely, all these points will help you get started on creating a memorable Instagram feed that stops the scroll!



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How to Infuse your yoga brand into your Instagram