Instagram Story Ideas for Yoga Teachers
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10 yoga Instagram story ideas for when you feel stuck

Instagram stories are a great way for Yoga Teachers to have fun, engaging conversations with their audience. That’s why Yoga Instagram story ideas have never been more important. With over 500 million users, Instagram stories are becoming more popular and if you’re not using it, it’s a missed opportunity to connect with your people. Now you may be thinking that your life may not be insta-worthy, but I wanna stop that limiting thought right in its tracks. Sometimes all you need is a bit of inspiration because you are amazing and have valuable things to share with your audience. Here are 20 creative yoga story ideas that’ll help you feel unstuck.

#1: Promote Your Content

If you release content on a regular basis, then use your story to promote it! Hop onto stories and talk about it, or take a screenshot of your blog or YouTube video and use a link in bio sticker to guide your scrollers to where they can get their hands on the full video or article. Check out my FREE Instagram Content Recycling Guide to help you with some new ways to re-purpose old content.

#2: Promote Your Latest Post

Instagram makes organic reach on your posts really hard, only about 3% of your audience actually see it. With so many people checking stories it’s an opportunity for you to drive them back to your Instagram page and increase your reach. You can share your latest Instagram post, Reel, or video on your Instagram stories.  If you want to redirect people to your actual post, use a sticker to direct them there.

#3: Answer FAQs

As yoga teachers, we get asked questions all. the. time. What FAQs do you get asked? Be proactive and answer them in your stories. Use the FAQ or question stickers, or even make a video to talk to everyone about it! Some potential students feel shy about asking questions, so having a place to support them is one of the most important things you could do to make sure they get the information they need – especially since there will always be different questions around yoga.

#4: Share Your Knowledge

You definitely know a thing or two about yoga, and it’s time to show off what you’re made of with regular tips! Share your knowledge on an ongoing basis by showing up in stories and talking to your audience. It doesn’t have to be perfectly filmed, showing up raw real as you are is a great way to deepen your relationship with your audience.

#5: Questions

You can ask your audience a question and then share their answers to your stories. This is perfect if you want to learn more about what people care about so that you can support them with your offerings and content. Think about how much more value you could give your clients when your next yoga class theme or workshop is inspired by what they are actually asking for.

#6: Tutorials

Instead of posting one or two static stories with a tip, you can do a longer video showing your audience how you go about something. Whether it’s chatting into the camera explaining how to warm up your wrists before a handstand or walking them through how they do a handstand, tutorials are an excellent way for yoga teachers to support their online community. Think of other areas that interest them like cooking advice and wellness tips, share what you know so other people can have success too!

#7: This or That

Instagram’s quiz stickers are a fun way to get your followers involved in the marketing process. Use this to get to know them better and poll them to see where they’re at and how you can create offers that they need.

#8: Highlight Your Students

The way to connect with your audience is by connecting with them. If you want people to get invested in your yoga brand or you as a teacher, then go ahead and share about your magical students and their transformations.

#9: Shout Out To Other Accounts

Share your love with the world by shouting out accounts you admire. Your shout-out might connect them to a new audience or they can re-share your story so that you get more eyeballs on your profile.

#10: Share Your Favorite Things

Sharing your favorite things is a great topic. Maybe you have an amazing cup of coffee that gets you going in the morning or maybe it’s as simple as your favorite book! Share what makes life better for YOU could also help your audience, by sharing YOUR favorites you not only become more relateable but you may be helping inspire them in a different way.

There you go, 10 easy Yoga Story Ideas that you can start right now. Remember, people, connect with real people. You are beautiful as you are and that is what’s going to help your audience fall in love with you even more. Show up, be consistent and have fun!



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Instagram Story Ideas for Yoga Teachers