how to attract more yoga students into your yoga classes
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How to attract yoga students into your yoga classes

As Yoga Teachers, the law of attraction is easy to understand – receive what you want by becoming a vibrational match for it. So why would it be any different with getting more students on your books and growing your yoga business? What if I told you, you could literally place your order and roll out the additional yoga mats?

Here’s the problem, most yoga teachers vaguely know who their dream yoga student is. What they look like, what hobbies they do, where they love to shop, or if they prefer cats or dogs. You may be thinking that’s a little “stalkerish” but there’s a method behind the stalkerish behavior.  When you truly understand who your ideal student is – their needs, struggles, and their pain, you are in a position to help them. If you don’t have a clue about where they’re at, your messaging becomes a mix of “come to my classes” and “here are the benefits of child’s pose.” (I know, sorry it’s true). That’s why I’m breaking down how you can find your ideal student so that you can build up your yoga classes.

What is an ideal yoga student?

Let’s start with a definition of what an ideal student actually is. Perhaps we all dream of an amazing human being, who is zen and pure and hangs onto every word that comes out of our mouth, but that doesn’t really help uncover who this yoga student is at the core. When it comes to marketing your yoga classes, retreats, and workshops, your ideal yoga student is someone whose exact needs will be met through YOUR particular offer.

In this blog, you’ll find out how you can attract them to your yoga classes and other offerings.

Why your ideal student is so important for your yoga business?

When you think about it, this person is someone who gets value from your specific yoga classes, workshops, or courses and the way you teach. It’s also someone you WANT to target with your messaging based on what you want to achieve with your yoga business.

  • Your ideal student values what you have to offer and also helps you move forward in your yoga business.
  • When you adjust your messaging to resonate with a certain type of person rather than a general group of people, your message has more impact, because your content speaks right to their bones.
  • When you understand their struggles and how you can help your ideal students you can create retreats, workshops, and courses to support them where they’re at.

How To Find Your Ideal Yoga Students?

This starts with you. It may seem odd trying to wrap your head around knowing who your ideal student is, but you have to be able to KNOW what your expertise is and who your yoga business serves for your marketing to be effective.

You can’t just decide on a person you WANT to benefit from your yoga offerings, you have to be specific as to who is currently benefiting from your yoga offerings. It’s not enough to just say, “I’m a Yoga Teacher.” You want to specify a little clearer so that you can already start attracting the right people and repelling the wrong students. “I’m a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher focused on women over 30 who want to start living a vibrant life more than accepting a monotonous life.” Right here I am specifying: my area of expertise, I am letting people know that I work with women who take action and believe they choose the type of life they want to live.

There Are 3 Steps To Identifying Your Ideal Student

  1. Check out the competition. You want to make sure you know what’s out there and where there are potential gaps in the industry. When you can see where you fit into the puzzle and carve out a niche market for yourself, you’ll be able to figure out WHO you are speaking to and be able to speak a little clearer.
  2. Look at your yoga business and set goals. Are you teaching students you LOVE right now? Awesome. If you’re not it’s time to start strategizing on how you can attract people who will value you as a yoga teacher. Having clear business goals, like running retreats or creating a digital course, will inform who your ideal student is.
  3. Look at past students. Looking at your past students can help us see a lot about who you should be working with. Think about those who turned into your biggest raving fans, took on your advice, and welcome your support. Think of your favorite student, what did you love about them? What made them a good fit for you? What traits did they have that you valued? Make a list so you can start seeing this person come to life.

Now that you know what you do, who you serve, and you’ve outlined your past interactions, it’s time to put it onto paper. The more you know, the more powerful and targeted your marketing message can be. Here’s the kicker, when you start creating content that resonates and adds value, you inevitably build trust and open up possibilities for people to join your classes or work with you in other ways.

Okay lovely, there you have it. It’s time to determine the BEST approach for communicating how your yoga classes, workshops, retreats, and courses can help your audience and how you can incorporate that messaging into your marketing. If you do this, you’ll reach them in a way that inspires them to take action and book a class. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt to ask the universe for what you want either.

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how to attract more yoga students into your yoga classes