how yoga teachers can repurpose blog content
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How yoga teachers can repurpose blog content

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Content. For some yoga teachers, content creation can be fun, but for many of us, it can be a time sucker. Sigh. If only there were a simpler way to get more out of one blog post. Well, what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be so hard?

Because let’s be honest, without great content, your blog has no way of building you up as an expert, getting shares, or even keeping your readers on your site. But get this: Instead of spending oodles of time trying to think of new content to create, you could repurpose each of your blog posts into at least 5 other pieces of content.

Repurposing or recycling your content (if you want you be eco-friendly) has huge benefits, not only to your yoga business but to your time as well. Today, I’m going to cover 5 repurposing practices so you can get 5x more bang for your buck with your next blog post.

Why you should re-purpose blog content

  • Saving time. You won’t feel stuck with what to post on social media and will save more time because the work has been done.
  • Reaching new audiences. Some people prefer visual infographics over text. Some choose podcasts over videos. Reformatting your content means you can reach more people.
  • Making the most of your efforts. Repurposing content ensures that people who missed your awesome blog post the first time around have a chance of seeing it for round two.

5 Ways to Re-purpose your Blog

#1 Go Live

Use your blog post as your script or foundation for what you’d say in an Instagram Live broadcast. In fact, get more out of your time and go Live on both Instagram and Facebook at the same time. How’s that for efficiency? You could even take it further and divide each key point in one broadcast and create a series that lasts over a few weeks. Can you see how time savvy that could be?

#2 Instagram Posts

If you think your gallery is only for yoga poses and inspirational quotes, think again friend! Your gallery is your space to share all aspects of your yoga brand, especially posts that will position you as an expert in your field. And there’s nothing quite like an infographic or carousel to give you that authority. Oh, and if you’re stuck with a caption look no further than your blog and copy and paste from there.

#3 IGTV and YouTube

Once you’ve gone Live immediately share it to IGTV. Remember, all of us consume content differently, while some of us enjoy reading, others enjoy listening or watching. You’ll always be reaching different audiences. Once you’ve got your recording, download it to your phone and use an app like Kinemaster to edit what you don’t need and upload it to YouTube.

Don’t worry about being repetitive. And for the people who DO end up watching a video and reading a blog post on the same topic, they’ll probably find value in each of them.

Cat Meffen’s embeds her weekly YouTube video into her website, expanding her audience.

How yoga teachers can repurpose blog content

#4 Podcast or Audiograms

This is pretty similar to video, except here you can extract the audio from your IG Live and create a Podcast! Gotta love technology, right? Edit the parts that don’t flow and create a podcast episode that you can also embed into your blog post. When you do this, you’re giving people more ways to resonate with you and the content you create.

#5 Emails

Do you ever feel like you have noooo idea what to say to your people? (Well, you’re in luck now!). Your email list is also a great place to repurpose blog content, too! Keep in mind we all like to get into a piece of content differently and your subscribers have platforms that they prefer. So if you’re only sharing your content on one platform then you’re reaching a lot fewer people).

How to re-purpose your blog content?

Step #1

Write your awesome blog that will add value to your ideal student’s life.

Step #2

Use a spreadsheet to plan and curate the content you plan to use elsewhere. Include a column for each different platform that you want to repurpose your blog post onto. This is where it can be helpful to use scheduling apps like Later or Canva.

Click here for a copy of my planner to help you stay on track and repurpose your content.

And there you have it, folks, I know this may sound like a lot but when you do nothing, nothing changes. That doesn’t mean you need to do all the things now. It just means that you now know what you can do to make more impact and share your yoga message far and wide.

how yoga teachers can repurpose blog content[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]