common yoga website mistakes
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Common Yoga Website Layout Mistakes You Could Making

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Think about how long you plan on being a Yoga Teacher? Because, if you’re in it for the long haul, a good website will move the needle forward in your yoga business. When it comes to yoga websites, I see one of two things – websites that are witty and charming and others that are wearing bad fedoras talking nonstop about themselves. I get it, creating a website can be overwhelming because let’s face it, we just wanna teach yoga, not develop yoga websites!

I feel the frustration, that’s why I’m so passionate about website layouts because when you do it properly, you don’t have to do it again. So, if you’re wondering how you can get the right website layout to attract more of your dream students, I got you covered.


Simply put, your website layout guides your users to where you want them to go. By using call-to-actions and simple website design, your website layout helps your users take the actions that you want, for example booking for a class or paying for a retreat.

If you think you don’t have the budget or resources to help you, I’m gonna break down why your website can really help you move the needle in your yoga business.

  • Having a yoga website allows you to market yourself online and build your email list.
  • Your yoga website helps you establish credibility as a yoga teacher i.e. if you’re on Google then you actually exist!
  • A well-designed, informative and updated website strengthens your yoga brand.


Your website is your little nook in the big online world that belongs COMPLETELY to you (not Marc Zuckerberg). So right now, is the best time to start looking after it – just like you look after your plant babies.


#1 Too Much Going On

A crowded website is never a good thing. If your visitors can’t understand who you are, what you do, and who you do it for in a matter of seconds, you’ll lose them. Websites with heaps of images, text, and other things going on will take a while to load, and could confuse your visitors. You don’t wanna be that website.

Tip: Place your logo on the top left hand side of your homepage to make it easier for your visitors to see and navigate their way through your site.

#2 Unclear Call-To-Actions

Your call-to-action or CTA is the gateway to your yoga business. It invites your visitors to take the next steps of the journey with you. Obviously, it’s very important that your CTA clearly tells visitors what they need to do “Click here” or “Book Now”.

Tip: Embed at least 1 CTA above the fold (the part of your webpage that visitors can see without further scrolling) of your homepage.

#3 Missing Your Target

As a yoga teacher, understanding who your ideal student is will have a huge effect on your website layout and design. The way your site looks and “feels” will naturally attract a certain type of visitor. For example, some websites are more feminine using hues of pinks and cream because they are attracting women, while others use contemporary design and colors to attract a younger audience. The problem is, sometimes, a website tries to speak to too many people. If you try to please too many types of customers, you’ll end up with a jumbled website.

Tip: Get clear on your ideal student before you start your creative process, your messaging will be so much stronger because those that need to hear it will.

#4 Not Creating Connection

We have bought into the lie that we are not interesting enough, flexible enough, or beautiful enough. By not showing YOU, you’re missing out on a connection with your visitors. The key to great content in your website layout is you, that’s what your students are looking for after all. I know you may have impressive stock images, but those are increasing the barrier between you and your users. So, if you haven’t booked in that photoshoot yet, then let’s change that, shall we?

Tip: If you can’t book that shoot in just yet, download Adobe Lightroom Mobile and use the presets to edit photos from your phone, it’ll look pro!

#5 Font sizes that are too small and not reader-friendly

Do you ever glue your face close to a screen to read the text on a website? Not everyone has eagle-eye vision, so your body text should be at least 14px (or even 16px) so people can read it. I also recommend making use of simple Sans Serif font pairs so it’s more compatible and reader-friendly across devices. Sans Serif fonts are for example Arial or Open Sans.

Tip: If you need to work on your fonts,check out to see how different font pairs work together.

#6 Lacking a clear brand message

Your yoga brand needs to inspire emotion. Oftentimes branding makes us think of logos, fonts, and colors… and we forget about how a brand actually makes people feel. You want your visitors to know that they’re in the right place so that they can sign up and book right away! By communicating who you are, what you do, and who you do it for, you make the process easier and get better results.

Tip: Working on your yoga brand will help you get clear on your messaging. Go back to basics and journal about why you do what you do and who you love teaching.

#7 Unclear contact details

Your website’s number one goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to reach out to you. So what should your contact form or page look like? Include the most important pieces of information that you need to learn, like name, email address, and a general message. Everything else can come later.

Tip: A lot of websites include a get in touch CTA at the top of every page, making it easier for people to get in touch no matter where they are on the website.


If you know you got some work to do, that’s actually a good thing because then you’re on your way to creating a website that you love. Take it one step at a time and before you know it, your website will be singing YOUR praises!



Don’t start designing your website without this checklist.


common yoga website layout mistakes[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]