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1 weird trick to move beyond Zoom yoga classes

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]An amazing thing about people is we all have unique backgrounds and experiences that make what we know truly special. That means you might be good at yoga or cooking just like thousands of people out there… BUT because of your life experience, your take is different.

While many of us embraced teaching Zoom yoga classes, not many of us have truly embraced what makes us unique and special so that we serve our yoga students online in more ways than just the Zoom room. When you embrace what your special skills are you can expand your online offerings, fill your classes and serve your students and your yoga business in a more effective way.

You’ve got more to offer than Zoom Yoga classes

The truth is you’ve got way more to offer your students than Zoom yoga classes! And with a little bit of extra know-how, you can create something truly exciting for your yoga community.Here’s how you can expand your offerings beyond teaching Zoom yoga classes:

  1. Create an online membership
  2. Create an e-book
  3. Create an online workshop
  4. Host an online yoga retreat
  5. Create an online course

You may be thinking, that’s great but why would someone buy my ebook over someone else’s?

A weird trick to expanding your yoga offerings

Before you can move into creation mode you need to get clear on one thing first. What do you have to offer that is unique and special? I’m gonna walk you through 3 ways to uncover your unique sweet spot that’ll help you expand what you offer online:

1. What makes you different?

Think about your different and creative approaches to teaching yoga. Perhaps you incorporate a variety of music genres and have a killer playlist or you allow your students to pick an angel card each time they practice, what is that thing that YOU do?

Ask yourself:

  • What sparks joy?
  • What topics can you talk about for AGES?
  • What is something your students ask you often?
  • What do you show up with every time you teach that makes students want to practice with you?

Once you have a good idea of things that make you stand out you can start thinking of ways you could teach that to other people.

2. Celebrate your past successes

At some point in your life, you’ve enjoyed the sweet taste of success. Your inner drive allowed you to get to that place, even if it was something as simple as passing your YTT exam. When you take some steps back and think about how you came about those successes, you can peel away and understand what set you apart from your fellow trainees.

Ask yourself:

  • What are some things you do for your yoga business that no one else can do for you or like you?
  • Maybe you’re super prepared and organized, or you’re really good at listening to others and empathizing with them.

Journal three things that play a role in your success. This will help you see what makes YOU different. That right there is the magic space that others will be yearning to learn about and try for themselves.

3. Make money with what brings you joy

Think of the two things you do as a yoga teacher that bring you joy. Ideally, one or both of these have the means to make money. This is the kind of thing you would never stop doing because you love it too much. When you go into this blissful work mode and You are your best self!

Perhaps it is scheduling 5 minutes after class to support your students in their life and giving advice by drawing on yoga philosophy? Or it could be something as simple as technical hands-on adjustments and helping them into the right pose for their body.


Take a step back and reflect on these 3 ways that your yoga teaching style stands out. That right there is what makes how you do what you do UNIQUE. When you understand yourself a little better, it’s so much simpler to expand your yoga classes beyond the Zoom room because you know what you can offer. You can share your message in a meaningful way with an online workshop or membership!

If you’re ready to do a deep dive into what else you can offer, download my brand guide to get more clarity on how your brand can get you there.

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